This Student Hall of Residence was designed to comply with all the latest rules and regulations regarding health and safety at the place where you live and work.
A NON-SMOKING policy is applied within the premises.
NO SMOKING is allowed in any internal area of the building. All the rooms, the Kitchens the Dining Rooms and all the communal areas are fitted with smoke/heat detectors and fire alarms. Fire extinguishers and water hoses are located in the corridors and on all floors of the building for emergency cases. All the inside doors of the building are all fire-proof for protection and safety.
All rooms and Communal areas are designated as NON-SMOKING areas.
However, students can smoke if they wish on their room-balcony, on the dining room balconies and in the open air spaces of the building.


General Principle: The rules are designed to ensure that the student community life in the hall is maintained and environment exists that is conducive to a happy and comfortable living, effective study and successful academic work. Activities or behaviour that disrupt other students and prevent them from studying, resting or sleeping are totally unacceptable. Any misbehaviour may lead to your expulsion from the Hall.

Cleanliness: Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, shower, W.C., etc. They are expected to clean their own kitchen equipment (pans, cutlery, plates, etc.) after use and to remove them from the kitchen bench. Any unwashed dishes, pans, etc. that are left in the kitchen will be removed by cleaners and may be thrown away.

Smoking (for Health & Safety): The whole of the interior of the Hall, including all the rooms, corridors and communal areas are totally NON-SMOKING areas (by EU law). Smokers can smoke on their balconies, on the kitchen verandas and in the open-air spaces.

Alcohol/Spirits: Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks within the premises of the Halls is not permitted. If you or any of your visitors are found to be drunk, within the premises, at any time, this will be considered as a sufficient reason to be expelled from the Hall without any prior warning.

Noise: Excessive noise that disturbs students and prevents them from studying, resting or sleeping must be avoided at all times. The volume of any music CD-players, computer movies or games etc. must be sufficiently that it cannot be heard from outside your room. Also, avoid any other noises, such as loud talking, in the communal areas such as corridors, dining rooms, etc. especially between 11 pm and 8 am. This especially applies to any students that may return after a late nigh event, such as social gatherings, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. Please do not cause any noises that will disturb other students who may be studying, resting or seeping. Moreover, such noises may also disturb neighbours  of the area whether during daytime or night time.

Visitors/Guests: The resident students are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests or visitors. NO visitors/guests are allowed in the Hall after 11 pm and before 8 am. NO visitors/guests are allowed to stay overnight unless a written permission is obtained from the Management at least 48 hours in advance. If such permission is given then You are responsible for the behaviour and actions of your guest.

Parties: NO group parties are permitted under any circumstances at any time in any area of the Hall. However, for an occasion that requires the host student to invite up to a maximum of 5 guests, then permission should be obtained in advance. NO games such as volleyball, tennis, football etc. are allowed at any time within the premises of the Hall.

Expulsion from Residence: It should be understood that these rules & regulations must be strictly followed at all times by all residents. The management has the authority and discretion to take such action, as they consider appropriate in each case. Infringement of any of the above rules may lead to a student being fined and/or expelled from the Hall without any prior warning. You will be asked to move out of your room and to pay any dues that you may have and also lose any deposit that you may have. In the case of expulsion you must vacate your room as soon as possible and within 12 hours after being informed. Please note that in such a case you will also be reported to your university.

A copy of the Lease Agreement can be found here.